Bauporte Design Entrances BV – Bespoke Hotel Entrance Solutions

Bauporte Design Entrances BV – Bespoke Hotel Entrance Solutions

Bauporte Design Entrances BV – Bespoke Hotel Entrance Solutions
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Bauporte Design Entrances BV – Bespoke Hotel Entrance Solutions. There is only one chance to make a good first impression and this is precisely the reason Bauporte designs, manufactures, installs and maintains impressive entrances for her customers. Bauporte your supplier of custom made, high quality bespoke design entrances. Bauporte designs grand entrances for Europe and beyond. Our products include manual and automatic revolving doors, tall revolving doors, automatic sliding doors, automatic curved sliding doors, automatic swing doors, inclined automatic doors, fire resistant doors, security doors, entrance screens and all forms of glazing.


Bauporte was founded in 1992 and in 1999 it took over Grothkarst, a German company that had been developing and constructing high-quality doors since 1908. Karel E. Bouman, the current Owner and Director, with a wealth of experience in the door and entrance industry, correctly identified a gap in the market for a supplier of custom-made rather than mass-produced doors and Bauporte was born.

Enhance your grandeur with Bauporte

Increasingly sophisticated end-users demanded higher standards of quality and innovation for their buildings including seeking unique, customized aesthetic and functional solutions for their entrances.

Bauporte understood and relished this challenge and, within a very short time of its inception, was delivering outstanding service and products to Europe and abroad.


A Respected Reputation

In Bauporte terms, entrance doors are not just “doors”; we mean splendidly designed entrances, constructed to the highest specifications and produced from ultra-modern materials. Companies throughout the world are overwhelmingly satisfied with Bauporte products and service – and we are confident that you will feel the same.

Expertise and innovation

The company continues to expand its activities while continuously investing in expertise and innovation; providing astonishing new designs, including extremely tall, full-glass revolving doors, security doors, bespoke automatic sliding and swing doors with in-ground drive units.

Bauporte now occupies a unique position in the global entrance market and no matter the type of entrance; Bauporte has the solution, or will develop one to suit. Bauporte’s passion and perseverance enables it to rise above the competition and to overcome even the most obstinate entrance problems. Bauporte may be a relatively small company, but it certainly set the standards that other try to follow.

Three little, well-known words:

“Yes we can”…

They express the difference that Bauporte brings to a global market that typically offers “more of the same”. This difference begins with employees. Their belief in their own abilities is crucial in this respect, together with the iron will to work hard for a collective purpose:

To build the greatest possible customer satisfaction into the design and function of an entrance door. The difference is also evident in Bauporte’s

customers; we work with discerning clients who actively seek out high-quality, custom-made entrances. Our customers are enterprising individuals or organisations, looking to distinguish themselves from the crowd by creating something special and who are not willing to accept second best. Where there’s a will, there’s a way; Bauporte is based on this principle. Creating designs, setting goals, rolling up our sleeves and displaying determination, all these qualities are central to the beliefs of our customers, employees and organisation. This is our collective binding factor; essentially our whole philosophy is embodied in these three small words.


Hotel Revolving Doors

Bauporte is specialised in high-quality revolving doors. Every door is custom-made and developed/made from the very best materials. Extreme heights and diameters are possible.

Each door is completely custom-made from the best materials and fits the highest standards. We are constantly breaking new ground by applying larger dimensions in glass or renewed material or function compositions. Our doors are manually operated, service-assisted; fully automatic or work with an access control system. The same applies to options like night shutter doors; emergency escape, everything is put together and functions the way you want!

Design beyond the needs

Their stainless steel base construction gives Bauporte Revolving Doors an extremely solid base and an extremely long lifespan. Bauporte bespoke outlook to design, ensures that our solutions are always individual whilst, the designers work with clients and architects to create a unique solution, which matches and goes beyond the needs of a building.

Automatic Hotel Doors

Special stainless steel automatic doors give special entrance halls real grandeur. Bauporte’s custom made entrance doors are available in extreme heights, up to 9000 mm, widths, up to 4000 mm. Remarkable bespoke designs like the elegance, full vision and eliminate versions. Bauporte creates sliding doors, curved sliding doors, pivot doors and swing doors. Our automatic doors are fitted with the latest security systems, to meet EN 16005 and can be driven by mechanisms above the doors or beautiful in ground operators to realise aesthetical solutions. Burglar proof class RC2, 3 according EN 1627 and/or fire resistant E, EI and EW are possible. High quality with a drive for optimum ease of use without technical difficulties is what Bauporte stands for.


  • Elegance

Stainless steel framed base construction with glass and cladding.

  •  Full Vision

Stainless steel minimal framed base construction with glass and cladding.

  • Eliminate

Stainless steel framed base construction disposed between glass.

  • ALL 

Stainless steel framed base construction disposed between glass.

Hotel Security Doors

Bauporte is specialised in custom made PiroSign® fire resistant doors E, EI, EW according EN 1634-1, EN 13501-2 and SeqSign® high security doors such as burglar proof doors, PAS 24; RC2, 3, or 4 according EN 1627; bulletproof doors FB1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 according EN 1522; blast resistant doors EXR 1, 2 or 3 according EN 13123-2, if desired tested and certified, to fit the highest secure standards. The bespoke PiroSign® and SeqSign® safety by design doors are able to safeguard your building according to your requirement.


Bauporte products meet the highest possible quality levels. Our designers and engineers provide support to the client and architect to reach the desired design entrance hall solution. An Excellent maintenance and 24/7 call out service to prevent break down. For all types of doors, we have both standard and custom service contracts. Retrofit and upgrade packages are available to meet new sustainability, security standards or safety regulations. Our outstanding service guarantees a long lifespan and an excellent Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).