BooksByMetre Ltd – Hotel Display Books, Hotel Books By The Metre

BooksByMetre Ltd – Hotel Display Books, Hotel Books By The Metre

BooksByMetre Ltd – Hotel Display Books, Hotel Books By The Metre
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We supply traditional, contemporary, vintage and distressed books for display in hotels, residential and commercial properties, exhibitions and media locations and for film and television location shots;; perfect for hotel shelf filling or to make a unique, visual statement. Available in a creative range of colours, textures and designed jackets and with a bespoke service available, we aim to meet even the most complex requests and to provide complete flexibility in presentation and display.

Sue Williams and Marie Stevens have been great friends for over 30 years and have a long-standing shared love of books. This passion comes from both their love of reading and their appreciation and knowledge of fine binding. With their combined experience in design and the corporate world, they have developed a product for interior design schemes as a complement to Prometheus Bound Books and which provides an affordable solution for larger, commercial, schemes.

Hotel Library Creation

Filling shelves with books has, historically, been quite difficult and the limited options available (many of which involve fake books or other pretence) have, understandably, not provided a solution in keeping with the creativity, sophistication and care which goes into interior design. Our supply of individually hand bound books (available from our sister website, Prometheus Bound Books) have brought us into contact with many customers looking for shelves of books for interior design or display purposes and our Couture Covers range has been very popular as a way of meeting that demand. We therefore thought that we should offer a much wider range of covered books at affordable prices to allow for pretty much every scheme – whether it be just to fill shelves or to create a stunning, visual, feature.

Hotel Book Displays

It is of paramount importance that objects provided for accessorizing interior schemes have built in flexibility in presentation and our books provide just that. All the books are “real” books and, as such, can be displayed horizontally, vertically or used, individually, to provide that finishing touch to a scheme. Beyond use as an accessory, books also lend themselves to display as installations; we can provide bespoke solutions such as the printing of jackets which together form a photo or image or, by use of books of varying sizes and colours, create pedestals and similar design features. The enormous range of colours and finishes we offer enables us to match or complement any design scheme and we can always assist with bespoke printing of special jackets or spine titling.

Hotel Accessories

We have great depth of experience in fulfilling  orders of many hundreds of books from all over the world and have contributed to complex hotel, retail and commercial schemes in many major cities. Recognizing that finishing touches are often required at very short notice and against specific deadlines, we offer a swift and comprehensive service. We are more than happy to work to drawings and can accurately assess numbers and types of books required to complete a scheme. We understand the requirement that every one of our books is of a quality reflective of the surroundings in which it will be placed and, to ensure that high standards are always met. our books are individually handpicked to ensure a match with order and both jacket printing and book covering are always supervised by an experienced book binder. We understand that the end user (the hotel client or visitor) will expect to see quality in every aspect of a hotel and we work to ensure that our books demonstrate not only excellent design but also quality in finishing.