Energy Saver Key Card Switch

Energy Saver Key Card Switch

Energy Saver Key Card Switch
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Our energy saver Key Card switch helps improve your guests’ comfort and reduce your energy costs.

The typical occupancy rate for a hotel is 65%. Of that 65%, a guest is generally in the room only 40% of the time, usually to sleep. This means that there is a significant amount of time when you are needlessly heating, cooling or lighting an unoccupied space.

Our energy saver acts as the main electrical switch for the room and is operated by the guest’s Kaba keycard. All lighting and heating facilities only become operational once a corresponding card is inserted in it’s card key switch.

When the keycard is removed from it’s slot, the controlled circuits remain empowered for a further 10-30 seconds to ensure a safe exit from the room before the power is turned off. Our energy saver keycard switch can completely replace traditional energy saving switches.

With the development of human civilizations and modern cities, the consumption of energy increases. The world has been led to the energy crisis.

A lot of energy is wasted ever day. It’s urgent and beneficial to our offspring’s to save energy and improve the efficiency of using energy.

It has been an outgoing dilemma for the world to contently be told to save its energy, and to stop wasting what has been provided to us, however the world just keeps wasting what is left of the energy source.

The Energy Controlled Unit Known as the ECU, is as small and light weight as a light switch on the wall, it is designed to cut off electric energy supply for some or all of the electrical outlets within a room or particular area so when the area is not being utilized, it helps saving power and using less power.

This unit can be installed within a group of rooms, and outdoor living area, or a normal home or office space.

When your card is inserted into the ECU, it automatically starts up the power in the room, or whichever power source it is connected to. And when the card holders draws out card while leaving the room, power is cut of immediately.

It is welcomed by hotels and offices and make use of this unit as it is cost effective, and does not take up much space at all. As you keep your card in the unit, when you leave the room, the card is easy to find.