How to Avoid Bad Airbnb Guests

How to Avoid Bad Airbnb Guests

How to Avoid Bad Airbnb Guests
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So you’ve decided to rent out your home on Airbnb. You’ve provide all the best amenities in order to get good reviews from quality soaps and shampoos in the bathroom to a bike for transportation to spices so they can cook in your kitchen. You’ve been a good host and have been both responsive and available whenever necessary. So how can you make sure your guests offer you the same courtesy? The last thing you want is to receive phone calls from neighbors about bad guests and come back to a trashed home.

Here are some ideas on how to avoid bad Airbnb guests.

Meet your guests.

A lot of Airbnb hosts meet their guests before their stay or at least make it known that they are nearby to answer any questions or act as a tour guide. By introducing yourself and giving a face to your home, you will hopefully deter the guests from being disrespectful. Plus, they are less likely to disregard the rules if they know you are nearby and available.

Ask your neighbors to keep an eye out.

Some Airbnb hosts aren’t able to physically meet the guests. In that case, it is best to have good rapport with your neighbors so that they can reach out if the guest is being loud or rude.

Check guest references and reviews.

The good thing about Airbnb is that guests are rated on their stays as well. Prior Airbnb hosts can say whether guests left their homes in bad shape or if they followed the house rules. Make sure you read the guests reviews and if they don’t have any, you can ask them to email contact info for their past rentals. You don’t have to accept a rental request if there are poor reviews.

Make the house rules clear.

There is a place on your Airbnb listing online to put your house rules, but it helps to have your rules in a binder or framed on the wall in your home as well. Make sure to clearly label where things are kept in your home like cleaning supplies, trash bags, and extra linen. That way, if something does happen, an accident or the like, the guest has the resources to make it right.

Finally, if you do experience a bad Airbnb guest, don’t hesitate to write a negative review. The guest won’t see the review until after they have left your home as it is hidden until 14 days after the stay. That means guests can’t retaliate with a bad review due to your own negative review.

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Hopefully, you don’t experience bad Airbnb guests. While there are some horror stories out there, they are luckily few and far between compared to hosting great guests. Plus, when you have Accent Amenities toiletries in your Airbnb bathrooms your guests will be so happy and relaxed that they won’t have time to be bad visitors!