NET Coverage Solutions Ltd – Specialists in indoor and outdoor hotel mobile phone coverage solutions

NET Coverage Solutions Ltd – Specialists in indoor and outdoor hotel mobile phone coverage solutions

NET Coverage Solutions Ltd – Specialists in indoor and outdoor hotel mobile phone coverage solutions
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NET Coverage Solutions Ltd is one of the UK’s largest Systems Integrators, approved by all four UK mobile operators (Vodafone, EE, O2 and 3). With the explosion of data demand, mobile coverage has never been more important to hotels and the hospitality industry. From single room “not-spot” coverage through to full hotel, restaurant, bar, spa and conference facility solutions, NET can tailor a solution to meet your demands and budget. Multiple options exist: indoor, outdoor, temporary, permanent, VIP etc NET Coverage Solutions – Not just integration…Innovation

In Building Hotel Mobile Phone Coverage Solutions

NET has extensive experience in providing bespoke cellular overage options to the hospitality and enterprise sectors of the UK.  From single room, pin-pointed coverage in an executive office or reception area, through to full hotel solutions.

With carefully coordinated consultancy, understanding the client’s needs and budgets, NET will offer a set of bespoke solutions to each client.

Femtocells, repeaters, and even full blown “multi-operator” Distributed Antenna Solutions (DAS) can be deployed to all or specific areas of any environment.

Previous clients include the Four Seasons in Hampshire; The Ritz; The Dorchester; Cumberland Hotel and Chancery Court.

Temporary Coverage Enhancement

You may already have coverage in some areas of your premises.  But what if you need to extend that into a specific area for a specific event (such as a product launch, or high level sales conference)?

NET can advise on and deploy temporary coverage enhancement either by way of “repeaters” which take existing signal and amplify it into an area that the coverage doesn’t reach – for example basement areas or by the use of open access femtocell technology – requiring a simple internet connection

NET has previously deployed such solutions into the Grosvenor House Hotel Ballrooms (below ground level); Wembley Stadium and even inside the Tower of London!

Capacity Enhancement

Where coverage exists, sometimes there can be a capacity or congestion issue – NET can provide uplifts to capacity provision by the main operators; adding capacity where needed for temporary events.

Exclusive capacity can be delivered for a particular operator – or for all four…

Specific Area Coverage

Have you ever thought that a full hotel coverage scheme would not present a return on the investment?  Even specific areas might be worth considering if the budget constraints are too high.

Perhaps targeting the key areas of congregation may be viable.  For example the break out areas of a conference suite; or the bar or restaurant; or the reception area.

By deploying one or more operators “femtocells”, key areas of the property can be covered.

External or Event Coverage

You may already have good coverage within your premises. However, particularly in rural or semi-rural areas; external coverage can be weak.  If you or your clients are holding an event in the grounds, how do you go about providing sufficient coverage and/or capacity to service such an event?

As mentioned previously, temporary coverage can be effected by the use of repeater technology, dedicated coverage using femtocells, indoor DAS with external antennas, or…

NET can even offer the opportunity to build a full size macro coverage solution, either rooftop mounted, or what is known as “Greenfield” by means of a tower or even fake tree type – thus providing maximum internal and external coverage to the whole estates

Examples of previous coverage schemes include the Caravan Show Belvoir Castle (temporary); Woldingham School (permanent)