PGC Plastic Heavy Shot Glass 30mL

PGC Plastic Heavy Shot Glass 30mL

PGC Plastic Heavy Shot Glass 30mL
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Our Plastic Heavy Shot Glass are Australian made by The P.G.C® family.

Plastic Heavy Shot Glass 30mL used Australian wide in clubs, bars, receptions, resorts and outdoor events.

The commercial grade shot glasses features a strong plastic construction.

This plastic Shot Glass is food safe to meet Australian food safety regulations.

No need to worry about accidental disposal or breakage either. Break out these shot cups in your bar or nightclub and light up the night!

Its crystal clear, glass-like appearance makes this shooter elegant and visually appealing.

Thanks to the optimal product visibility, your customers will be able to easily enjoy the natural coloring of their favorite liquor.

While also making it easy for servers to identify the various drinks when serving customers.

Therefore the strong plastic Heavy Shot Glass 30mL allows patrons to enjoy shots, shooters, spirits indoors or outdoors with minimal risk for glass injury or breakages.

This plastic shot glass is perfect for whatever indoor or outdoor environment your customer or guest wants to take it.

Designing and creating products with the cost-efficient consumer in mind, PGC provides high-quality items for a low, economical price, and this product is no exception.

Serve guests your most popular shots with this stylish shot glass!

In conclusion the Plastic Heavy Shot Glass makes the perfect bar glass for any commercial bar, tavern, pub or even at home.

Cleaning the glass is easy, either hand wash or clean in any commercial dishwasher under normal cleaning conditions. (Guide here)