RAK Porcelain – Revolutionizing Tablescapes

RAK Porcelain – Revolutionizing Tablescapes

RAK Porcelain – Revolutionizing Tablescapes
Courtesy/News Source: rakporcelain.com

Cruising through the 13th year of operation, RAK Porcelain has much to be elated about as we are not just a successful business model but a brand that our customers are proud of. Besides impressive growth, we have impacted people’s lives at an emotional level which cannot be quantified. Our innovative offerings are revolutionizing dining tablescapes and inspiring people to dine well thus connecting with them personally. It is a known fact that well presented ambiances enhance one’s dining experience and we tirelessly strive to achieve this ideology with expertise and ethics.

At the onset, we are pleased to share with you that RAK Porcelain's ‘HIDE’ series from the Epic collection designed by Gemma Bernal has won the Red Dot Design Award for product design this year adding yet another laurel in our endeavour of excellence in design.

We are excited to launch, ‘Suggestions’ which was the cynosure at the recent shows. These novel shapes were developed with fine attention to detail and each series is completely ergonomic. This splendid range is beyond the beauty which meets the eye as we try and remove plating limitations to serve as a canvas for food styling variations and lead culinary professionals to express their creative brilliance.

As a keen observer of market trends it is important to keep tab on the pulse of the industry and I firmly believe  that with our Novelties 2019 we will effortlessly tap into the niche segment of Luxury Tableware, which is silently scaling heights.

Trends in the tableware sector are similar to the fashion industry, where recycling and adaptive remodeling is vital, these days bespoke dinnerware is much in demand and customers will favourably invest time and funds to make sure their choices set them apart, from the everyday designs and shapes. This is exactly where RAK Porcelain fits in.

The Novelties 2019 is an assortment of White body porcelain, Ivory body and coloured porcelain.

  • Shapes focuses on the concept of organic and abstract shapes that serve as sharing dishes

  • Create enables convenient separation of elements on the plate, yet ensuring a union of flavourful tastes

  • Ashore, Chill and Staged particularly cater to cuisine specific functionality 

  • Amaze, Appeal, Shared and Picked reinvent gastronomical plating ideas

You are guaranteed to be captivated with the new entrants in our Fusion collection such as Kintzoo - a re-incarnation of our Karbon series with precious artistic scars in gold and silver inspired by the enchanting Japanese art of repair Kintsugai. We have also developed another hand crafted series - Trinidad, in sober earthy tones and classy inimitable patterns. Fire is a table top gem and it’s scorching colours will indeed grace myriad tablescapes.

RAK Porcelain also adds to the cutlery collection with Sleek and Savoury, two new contemporary flatware variants. All these and much more can be explored on our new global website, which seamlessly integrates our digital marketing initiatives. 

As a corporate supplying to 165 countries from a single state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and with our futuristic approach , it is crucial that we elevate our contact channels so that interactions are simpler and convenient. The launch of this new website, augmented social media engagement and development of an advanced Mobile App which is in the pipeline are nascent yet aggressive efforts which fortifies our worldwide prominence to | Make Sure It’s RAK |

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