The Mobile Self Pour Beer Counter

Drink Command’s Mobile Beer Counter is a custom built 4 Tap self-serve system which is fully self-contained with all cooling and electronics in a single robust unit. Ideal for stadiums, music festivals, conferences and any high traffic event where mobility and performance are the top priority.

The Mobile Self Pour Beer Counter
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Mobile Counter Main Features

Four Taps, Flexible Configuraion

With room to store either two 50L kegs or four 20L kegs, the mobile counter can be configured to suit your needs as an operator

Powerful Cooling Systems

An over-specced ice bank cooler ensures that beer quality is extremely consistent, and provides recirc cooling on the beer lines right to the tap

Lockable, chilled keg chamber

The built-in chilled keg chamber further helps to keep your beer pouring perfectly and is lockable for security

Gas storage

There is space for two gas bottles, allowing you to dispense two different beers (eg stout / later) from a single unit

Wireless Operation

Powerful and secure wireless communication allows for flexible positioning indoors and outdoors

RFID or Contactless Payment Options

Provide your customers with prepaid RFID cards for access, or for the ultimate cashless experience add our contactless credit card / Apple Pay / Android Pay terminals

Branding Opportunities

The stainless steel body can easily be wrapped with custom branding, plus the two large 15″ touch screens provide excellent digital real estate for running promotional videos and images

How does it work?

At the heart of our mobile counter is an exceptionally well built mobile cooling unit, designed for the most demanding high volume environments including stadiums, festivals and outdoor events.

Key to the success of our mobile counter has been the ability for the unit to dispense consistently perfect beer from the very first drop right through to the last. For patrons, this is imperative – if your customers experience a foamy glass of beer, they will lose confidence in the system immediately. It is not uncommon for our mobile counters to dispense more than a dozen kegs of beer in no more than 3 or 4 hours at a sports or music event – that’s what the unit is built for.