What Is Napped Fabric?

What Is Napped Fabric?

What Is Napped Fabric?
Courtesy/News Source: blog.innstyle.com

In a recent blog post, we discussed a number of the different types of blankets we have for sale, including cotton, down-filled, and polyester fleece.

But we didn’t mention blankets made from a napped fabric, which are an important – and extremely comfortable – part of our collection, available for sale on our website.

Napped fabric refers to a process in which both sides of a piece of woven or knit fabric are teased and raised and/or sheared off to make them even. The raised fibers of napped fabric all lie in one direction, making the fabric look and feel different when seen or touched from different angles.

But there’s more to napped fabric than just the look and feel. When you use a blanket made from this material, you get added thermal protection and warmth thanks to the insulated air cells in the nap.

We carry a couple of blankets on our website that are made with napped fabric. First up is Sferra’s full-sized St. Moritz blanket.

When you’re nestled beneath it, you’ll notice the plush, velvety feel that comes from the blanket’s long-staple combed cotton, which has been brushed for softness and warmth. St. Moritz is a wintry alpine town in Switzerland, but underneath the napped fabric of the St. Moritz blanket, you’ll feel nothing but cozy and warm.

Our second napped fabric selection is another Sferra blanket, their popular Celine throw. It’s 100 percent napped cotton fabric – which has been brushed for softness – causes it to undergo a transformation that gives it the plush, alluring texture of cashmere. Celine comes in a number of different colors, and is finished with a twisted natural fringe.

If you want to know more about InnStyle’s napped fabric offerings, or any of our other blankets, please visit our website or call 1-800-877-4667 to speak to someone from our expert sales staff. We think you and your guests will love napping beneath napped fabric.